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Gutter clearing

Having your gutters regularly cleared will avoid water damage. Gutter systems ideally need to be cleared a minimum of once a year. However, if your property is near a leafy area with trees or has a moss-covered roof your gutters will need to be cleared at least twice a year.

Regular gutter clearing can prevent water damage problems including damp getting into the wall cavity/insulation, rotten wall places and roof trusses, damp and mould inside/outside your walls, flaking plaster and wallpaper and damp patches on your ceilings, all of which can only get worse if no action is taken.

There is also another important factor which property owners may not know – property insurance may not cover water damage if gutters have not been maintained. Maintenance can be very tricky and highly dangerous. High, awkwardly placed guttering is not a problem for us as we are highly experienced in all aspects of accessibility and Health and Safety pertaining to this kind of work

Once we have cleared the debris out of the gutters, we then always flush them through with water. This then allows us to check the function of the gutters, and will highlight any leaking joints and identify blocked downpipes/gullies, etc.

We cover Sevenoaks and all the surrounding area.

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